“This performance made me think about the various different places where I can talk and get information about sex. After the performance I feel that I can talk to anyone about sex without feeling ashamed."
- 6th Grader, Chavez Elementary

Thanks for stopping by! We’re For Youth Inquiry (FYI, for short). We are a collective of artists, educators and activists. Our mission is to engage youth in safe, accessible conversations about sexual health and sexual violence through participatory theatre.


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FYI is made up of a collective of artists, activists, and educators based in Chicago, IL. Together, we work to foster positive, safe dialogue with youth and their communities around topics of sexual health and sexual violence. Project US and Can I Hit It? are our two participatory plays.  Project US uses games and audience interaction to invite youth into creative conversations about sexual health. Can I hit it? is a participatory play on sexual violence with music and movement. FYI provides a creative and accessible environment for students to easily engage in an otherwise challenging conversation.  With your support, FYI will positively affect the health and wellbeing of Chicago area youth through an innovative and unique programming approach.